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    Even possible in the 300 class,. That’s a touring scooter with sporting aspirations? Honda has confirmed that it is possible. The most up-to-date generation Forzy 300 impresses using its comfort, equipment and excellent coping with.

    In my opinion, the design, equipment and level of comfort put it at the forefront, though the Honda 300 is not the most powerful and fastest model in its segment.


    The Honda Forza 300 is nearly a dual from the Forzy 125. The total length and width are only 5 mm, though its dimensions are slightly larger – the wheelbase is 2 cm longer. And also things are pretty much identical – the controls, the cab, the pair of switches, the Abdominal muscles braking systems and also the keyless system. The HSTC torque control system was added, though the main differences, besides the engine, of course, is the lack of a start-stop system in the 300. The car tires will also be different – Pirelli Diablo Scooter instead of Michelin wheels.

    Without excessive aggressive pomp, although forza 300 is designed in a very strong and modern style. Powerful and cool for the bad customer. Also makes an electrifying impression with its design, even though of course, the front LED lamp deserves special attention, which not only illuminates the road very well.

    The front change indicators are found in the mirror real estate. Their condition, however, is very contradictory – they are rather tough and search artificially stuck to your sleek entire body. They have a great feature that Honda has been equipping all of its large models with for some time now – they light up constantly, and when you turn them on, one of them starts flashing. This removes the need to start up threat alert lighting fixtures when driving a vehicle inside a traffic jam, as some motorcyclists do.

    Consistently lit up front side path indicators get the eye of drivers, that are far more readily and prone to wind up in targeted traffic jams. What’s more, if there is a really narrow slit that needs to be closed, the mirrors can be manually folded with a single movement of the hand.

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